Inquisitor [Neutral Killer]

The Inquisitor :shield:
Neutral Killer

Unholy Slayer:
Your abilities grow stronger with each Heathen you kill.
Guided by God: You are Death Immune once.
If you killed 2 or more Heathens you become Bleed Immune.
If you killed 3 or more Heathens, you will become Death Immune permanently.
If you killed 4 or more Heathens, you will become Occupation and Redirection immune.

Judgement (inf use):
Check if a player is Heathen. Can be used day 1.
If you killed 1 or more Heathens, you will be able to check 2 players.
Radiant Light (2 use): If a Heathen has visited you tonight, you will be told their number.
If you killed 2 or more Heathens you will also see who the Heathens visit tonight.

Ruthless Efficiency (inf use):
Attack a player. They will not die unless they are Heathen.
If you killed 1 or more Heathens, your attack will also kill Non-Heathens.
If you killed 2 or more Heathens, your attack will also bypass healing.
If you killed 4 or more Heathens, your attack will also bypass death immunity.

Win condition: Eliminate both major factions

Heathen: There are always 2 Heathens alive. A player is randomly assigned Heathen status. Players do not know that they are Heathen. If a Heathen dies, a new player is chosen to be Heathen. Heathens cannot be King, Prince, Mastermind, Cult Leader or any Neutral. If a player becomes one of those classes the Heathen status will be removed and another player will become Heathen.

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So… eliminate BD and Cult/Unseen, but have heathens?

So I don’t really like how Heathens are done currently. So I decided to remake Inq and his Heathens into something completely different.

I can see some issues with this class having a slow start, being RNG heavy and just getting rekt by bad luck, but there’s probably something that can be done about this.
I was thinking to just make his abilities grow for each Heathen dead, doesn’t have to be his kill… but that’s a last resort imo.

Basically. And heathens power up your abilities.


Shouldn’t there be 1 starting heathen and then convert others to heathens if they visit them?

This class wants to kill everyone, but is simultaneously disincentivized from removing major threats like Prince or Mastermind? :thinking:


They can still kill those classes at any point they want (just need some heathens first).
Generally you don’t want to focus down the MM/ Prince as NK, because you need some help with keeping the BD/Cultseen balance.

But getting out a hyperconfirmable class like Prince should always be a priority target for NK though? You can keep that balance yourself with kills. Heathen prioritization throws that out of wack, so it’s a tradeoff you’d need to make, but is it a healthy one?

Aside from your first kill, you can either go straight for Prince, or wait until you feel confident enough that your ability is enough to kill him.

Not always. It might be useful to let a Prince alive as evil, and use him for your own goals.

No soicial ability and lower kpn then most nks :I

This feels like a J-J-J-Juggernaut.