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Infiltration in Bowser's Castle | Official Class Cards + Changes Thread


Lul I didn’t write the right comment


Fawful has no night ability description. Fink rats.

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I would like to request a dirty work-esque ability/passive for fawful called “dark star”
Also, you could add a n occupying ability to cackletta and call it chuckola cola, or just make another one called The Reserve

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though yeah.

Kong is no longer occ and redirection immune.

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This Topic has been revived


And for what reason? :eyes:

The original creator of this is no longer active on the fora.


Then someone should take over.


Then ping someone or take it over yourself. :upside_down_face:


Maybe later.


haha insert relevant and funny joke here


This should always have been a thing


ok I’m back but I no longer wish to work on this.

Somebody may take over as long as I can help as a cocreator.




Of course you ask me. You realise I’m hosting waaay too many things right now?


I mean, i’ll do it, but not hosting it now.
I’ll prepare it, sure.

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i pinged you because you revived it

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I know. Okay, I’ll do it.


@pug you cool with that?




I feel a rework should happen