Inconsistency with healers vs Nks

I personally have a issue with how healers are randomly more useful in some nk games then others, Reaper games healers become a lot less useful but sorc games healers become Super Useful being able to heal walking bombs and normal attacks, Possessor games they are pretty usefull, can be countered by jump. Inquisitor kinda applies here as they bypass healing but inquisitor is another topic for another day.

I’ve personally had this issue for a while I just dislike that sometimes healers are randomly going to be less useful depending if it’s a reaper game or not, sadly the only way to “fix” this is to work on reaper or sorcerer, I’m personally at a point where I think most things about nks are balanced (Sorc is only slightly lower and might need a small boost).

I believe in more of a balanced dynamic it’s like if cult bypassed healing and had bleeds but unseen didn’t have bleeds and could get countered by heals, it’s just strange, it’s very confusing to new players (Compared to the Tos “power” system) Remembering who bypasses what ect.

At the end of the day I think Phys/alch/chrono should be as useful in any game they spawn in and not dependent on nk, Wouldn’t really mind it that much if Sorcerer had a way to counter healers at the very least.

This also effects classes like Knight who can’t save sorc bombs and can’t attack sorc but can save people from reapers even attacking poss jumps it’s just strange how one different nk can make a class more or less useful, I want it to be toned down personally.

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Sheriff is vastly less useful in Cult games. What’s your point?

I’d be worried more about the variable neutral slots and King alignment if you’re looking at rolls than something like 3 Physicians and a Reaper.

I agree with your point however.


Sheriff cannot spawn in Cult games.

Exactly. Sheriff is vastly less useful.

So your point has no value and is just a meme?

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I’m not going to bother suggesting something like “oh phys spawns 50% less in reaper games” spawn balance isn’t balance

Kinda like how Obs has a low spawn rate that doesn’t make it less OP and leads to unfair wacky spawn games with 3 observers.

All Classes sharing the same faction should be around the same strength balace wise (With expection to Special, Prince and Nks)

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Is this why Pretender is so OP?

Pretender isn’t special lol they invest just called special

Prince is a different kind of special

Oh I agree with that too. Observer should just be nerfed and have an equalized spawn rate again.