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In Assassin vs. Prince, let silence be used before jail


I was Prince in a 1v1 against assassin just now and noticed I could jail him immediately. This makes it a click-fast game where whoever clicks silence / imprison first wins.

So I wonder if we could let Assassin click silence 5 seconds before Prince can click jail?


Why would we allow that? The prince should beat the assasin in that scenario. The day usually lasts 80 seconds but since it’s a 1 v 1 it lasts 20 seconds. Why would we allow assasin to win on a cheese technicality about the day being 20 seconds? If the day was 80 seconds then the prince would have plenty enough time to jail.


Assassin beats King in the same scenario … you want to call that a cheesy technicality?

If Prince beating Assassin 1v1 is intended, Assassin should have to wait 5 seconds to silence Prince.

Because currently, it’s a who-can-click-faster game.


You wanted assasin to win. I want prince to win. In the king v. Assasin I want king to win too


Hm. I disagree. The King is electable until 5p. But there is only one Prince, and if you don’t manage to get rid of them before the end, with them still having executions…


My point is whoever is intended to win should be able to click first, while the other person has a delay before they can click.


Alternatively (in the case of prince being the intended winner) we can extend the 1v1 day by 10 seconds.

I’m more worried about the reaper vs prince 1v1 and the assassin+MM vs Possessor 2v1