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I'm sorry for what happened


So… I didn’t realize that the whole necromancing thing was going too far, so I want to apologize for what’s been happening. I told Firekitten that he should stop reviving dead thread just to annoy others. If he listens or not is not up to me. Once again, I’m sorry for making people pissed at us.


is this a PSA?


Because if so you are too late! Additional pylons have already been constructed!


LOL @ chucking firekitten under the bus

Even marl could learn a thing or two about bussing from you.


I haven’t noticed any zombies floating up, but I’ll heart this anyway


You were good kid,real good. Maybe even the best.


No u


heavy is credit to team


Marl is becoming a necromancer? :thinking:


I’m trying a new formula for getting likes, looking at dead threads that had no meme potential and planting the seeds of more recent and relevant memes


You are only setting an example that it’s okay to revive threads :wink:


I spy a thing

Also the irony here is real


the fact that he’s doing the very thing he yelled at me not to do?


Marl, why the fuck would you revive a thread that talked about how necromancing too much is bad?


Lmao yeah







Wow! It’s been so long since we’ve seen you!


wait the doge is back.


the mad lad