I'm Luxy. Ask me anything

Gonna be extremely un-original here and do an AMA.

Basically finished all my assessment and now I am bored so ask away!

In a FoL game, what would you do in response to someone trolling/flaming you beyond reasonable limits?

How old are you?

What are you majoring in?

Who is your senpai

What is your favorite game you’ve played/read on this forum?

ITT: Luxy posts an AMA, yet refuses to actually answer anything

I was asleep lol

I would report them to a moderator/host and stop replying to them, or to the thread if I had to so things didnt escalate. I would wait until the moderator/host had done something to continue to reply.


Want to get into med school but my premed will be psychology and I want to be a psychiatrist.

Do you mean crush or idol?

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rate fortnite

Most fun games were Ace Attorney Forum Mafia where @Monokuma and I TvT deathtunneled each other day 1 which resulted in alice’s death. Then ici (scum) spent day 2 deathtunneling me for mislynching alice but ended up getting himself lynched.



Crush is this girl at school who we hung out for a while and i eventually worked up the courage to ask out and she said she wasnt looking for a relationship.

I guess dream girl/idol would be Daisy Keech.

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Best RPG class?


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Animu waifu?