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look at how much I’m bragging there wow


Yes then in that fol 19.5 you did too


I mean… it’s just bad for your reputation if you’re known as narcist, but if you actually help people the intent doesn’t matter.


It kinda does


The comment was actually made as a “I can get people to like me if I go there which is needed to win championship” that’s not actually bragging that’s telling you why I should go there.


what game was that


Third reroll you were EK


I wasn’t even trying to be nice there tf?


I was trying to get pity to distract everyone


I spent half the game in dead chat trying to convince people I was GK


You said that you try to be nice And Thats one of your rules in game


There’s a difference in what you are comparing right now.

Right now you are saying that me saying that means I’m bragging about being nice when it isn’t.


I can’t even remember when I said that




You did on day 1


You mean when I was purposefully trying to get town read and trying to get pity from people :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I expected you to quote a better thing then trying to play the game


Nope you said same thing in quote I made above wich means that it wasnt a lie(for a game)


this is like the stupidest argument ever when you are comparing trying to explain why I would be a good person to go there and that i apparently bragged about being nice when I was EK to narcism.

First off, you give little context for these which would explain why I would say it. I said it because that is a reason why I should go because I’m likeable and I will get along well with them. That’s not bragging that’s staying the reasons why I should go.

The second one is apparently bragging about being nice as evil king when I attempt to get town read get pity. If you look at the differences between this game and the first one I think (from what he’s saying that I did it a lot more here) that this was a very extreme way of saying “I try to be nice or something”. That was to distract town with explain how I try to be nice. If you notice in that game I said a lot of stuff including things questioning my play style and my effectiveness so I think it would be like “I try to be nice but It’s hard” which was meant to induce pity.

The fact that you are comparing these contexts to a person who brags about being nice and says it everywhere just is :face_with_raised_eyebrow: