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Actually, wouldn’t 100% selfish be narcissism


Mentally the first one is worse but like advancing on the world the second one is worse




Thank you Hja. Very cool!


No it’s more like “I know it doesn’t harm me to give you a single loaf of bread when I’m a billionaire but I’m not doing it”




‘I solely care about myself and nobody else.’

‘I will do anything in my power to better my own situation, regardless of the harm it may do to others’


I thought narcsim was about liking one self a lot

I can get a Greek mythology story out about narcism out if needed


Narcissism is self-obsession


Like they don’t care about anyone else but themselves


Thats Good no ?


A hunter who hunts for food but will never give food isn’t narcism


excessive interest in or admiration of oneself and one’s physical appearance.


Indeed giving or not giving food has nothing to do with it


It’s usually considered to the extreme


Yeah that’s not selfish that’s just loving yourself

For example there’s a story of someone being cursed to be forever obsessed with themselves so they stared at a reflection of themselves in a pond, till they drowned in it trying to see closer

more or less the story may of got a detail wrong




I gave you definition from google


Why cant they Use mirror