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I'm Alice. Ask me anything


that’s fair


I have seen one


A Dragon?




Chamaleon is the troll pick


this reminds me of something I read online about computers existing way beyond us in a later date and was talking about what came before their time and was like

“We don’t know blah blah blah” I need to find it


Maybe file a bug report?


Dunno they were bugged in tree texture


And were in flying animation kinda confirms them tho



That goes to other birds

See falcons


Urban bird.
My metagame knowledge is kinda limited, sorry.

I haven’t played since they removed wavedashing


I actually have a super-OP human build called Nerd.
all of my stats except for intelligence are nearly zero but my intelligence stat is 200 because i’ve considered watching Richard And Mortimer once


Though actually, Humans aren’t the highest intelligence build in the game. Camels actually have an extremely high intelligence stat, but their dexterity is too low to use this intelligence for anything more than occasional outstmart crits, which is a pity.

Honestly, if Camels get buffed to have higher dexterity and the crafting skill they’d probably be S-tier.


Why does Vermin Love Supreme fail time and time again in his quest for the oval office?


answer for both?
they can’t win
so why waste the time and money


oh god is that the guy who promised to go back in time to strangle baby hitler with his bare hands?




There is a science fiction story that illustrates this. A group of advanced computers rules the world. One little baby computer asks, “How did computers come to being?”

The mommy computer answers, “We don’t really know. We can trace our beginnings back to a microprocessor that was first created in what we call year zero” [in human years, this corresponds to the late 1900s, but mommy computer doesn’t know that], “but we can’t conceive how that first microprocessor was created. It’s too complex to have come about by chance. Maybe there was a primitive life form that preceded it, and which is now completely wiped out. Carbon is on the same part of the periodic table as Silicon, so some people think it might have been a carbon-based life form. But carbon doesn’t make very good electronic circuits, so I think this idea is foolish.”


Jump to silicon


This was not a funny moment