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I'm Alice. Ask me anything


Orcas are damn close too but same issues


Dolphins what


Yeah, dolphins and orcas are almost certainly two of the most intelligent species on Earth




How do we know


We’ve done experiments

as expected


Plus they also have the second-largest brain/body mass ratio, after humans


Humans are still the most op thing here


According to the totally legitimate animal tier list, you are definitely correct



So You watch that too :eyes:


To be fair

Who doesn’t


Obviously orcas aren’t as high as dolphins in brain size/body size, but they’re also damn intelligent


atretochoanas are intelligent


Humans OP. Plz nerf


Buff cats! Cats have rights as well!


I think cats are getting a buff in the latest update


OOOO that sounds fun, I think the developer confirmed that the rumors of dragons existing are false and anyone still spreading them should stop


Technically the devs never confirmed anything (they are pretty quiet) but datamining seems to show that they don’t exist on any of the existing maps


Cats already have the best bird matchup in the game
I don’t think they need buffs