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I'm Alice. Ask me anything


maybe people over 35 are smarter to know they are wasting their times but still


Maybe it’s because there isn’t a lot of news about people running then because they are like nobodies


Either they don’t want to waste their time or they shouldn’t be in the job lel


I’d be a good president


That’s illegal


world would be a better place if people just could agree on things lmao


Unfortunately human psychology prioritizes grouping and an “us vs. them” mentality


On wich things



People are basically hardwired to never change their minds


orange you should change your name to yellowandblack5




Also wdym by that


Welp guess orange is right


Change you name to orange and orange


For something like 99.9% of humanity’s time on Earth, forming groups and excluding others was the best path for survival and producing offspring.

As such, we’re fighting practically all of human evolution whenever we try to be inclusive or compromise. We have spent almost our entire history focused on ensuring our group is victorious over all others, with our brains focusing on being part of an echo chamber and vilifying those on the other side.


why is human psychology so interesting


Because you are human


Do you think it’s possible that soon other animals also get smarter and eventually try to create civilizations


No cuz we will eliminate them



Next closest is dolphins

Unfortunately, they lack both opposable thumbs and fire, so they’re hampered from advancing as a real civilization

Even that would take a very very long time