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I'm Alice. Ask me anything


You talk like someone who inevitably ends up at nihilism with their positions.


Ok what meaning does it hold


I hate the idea that just because the universe dosen’t have purpose or inherrent meaning that the concept of meaning is… meaningless.

Nihilism is basically attempting to form dust into steel, which is completely impossible.


I might write a book about this someday, but without going the way of the dualists, consciousness is a clear sign of the existence of something independent of matter, and moving from there a kind of meaning can be derived

I certainly can’t form an entire system of deriving meaning, morality and purpose without the need for a sky fairy in 1 hour on the internet.


Can you do it in 16-17 years of living a human life?



In the meantime: Thanos jokes!




Or I snap


Yeah hard disagree on that


Ooh ooh I got this one


Death is inevitable, yes

But that isn’t an excuse to make it come quicker

Rather, death is what makes life so precious and worth living

So you’ve kinda got that bit backwards


Late question, late question.

At which age had you emigrated out of Brazil?


Like when I was around 13. That’s when I moved to NC.


Do you want to be the President when you grow up?


I can’t run for POTUS as I am a naturalized citizen. Running for Brazilian president would work, but since I don’t live there I don’t really want to.


nobody has ever mentioned running for president in their home country before, I never even thought of that lmao


Why aren’t there like a billon people running for president


Because it takes shit tons of money and political backing

Also there aren’t a billion people over the age of 35 who were born in America and meet the other requirements


I don’t see a money requirement :thinking:

I know they have a LOW chance of winning without it but


Look at how successful independents are


But it Is Possible right?