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Size =/= Significance.




Much wisdom, much grief
the more knowledge, the more sorrow





Seriously read Ecclesiastes, you’ll love it


It’s a guy saying the universe is meaningless over and over again.


We just need a snap


Yes, but then you will die and eventually be forgotton. Meaning has its limits here.

And thus, meaning has done you no good at all in the long run


by the way this entire conversation was only continued because I wanted to make a Thanos joke.


oh snap


That has a lot of meaning


Even Nietzsche could come up with a coherent counterargument to this.


I thought you looked up to Nietzche :thinking:


How can universe be meaningless when part of it is meaningful


Sure, Nietzche’s idea of Eternal Recurrence is self-evidently nonsense, but it provides a potential way to provide meaning when all that exists is your own limited existence.

@Marcus_Doodalee do I talk like somebody who looks up to a Nazi?


The key words are in bold.






Of course, it’s entirely possible that Hegel was right and all of our ideas are P U N Y compared with his absolute idea.