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I'm Alice. Ask me anything


Hi geyde,


delet this


Do you like the song Despacito @Alice


Alice, what is your favourite SCP?
If you know what SCP’s are


Eh, I do like the melody of the song.

Sorry, I have no idea.


SCP’s are life-inducing. It’s a complete reality.
It’s a foundation that millions have built upon


Is morality subjective?


By when do you project we may be capable of intergalactic space travel?


Damnit hjasik asking the big questions


I think Its subjective :thinking:


I looked at this to give me some pointers, the first thing I see on the morality being subjective is Morality has changed

Well okay, once upon a time slavery was completely fine in the US
once upon a time it was okay to leave your newborn baby out to die simply because it was a female

Then laws came in to say that you shouldn’t do these things.

Does that mean that before the law was written these things were okay? No, any action is objectively good or bad independant of whether people think it is or not, that’s why no matter your religion or irreligion, I applaud people who actively seek truth in their lives.

Well and good if you aim to do everyday what you think is right,wiser still is the man who says ‘hey, I think I may have been wrong on this being right or wrong’ and adjusts his life because of it.


That What you think right now because morality changed


Then How is it decided wich is objectivly right or Wrong


But Thats
Your opinion :thinking:


If you see you are wrong and you adjust to that, that is wise.


For me, morality is decided base on a mix of the Categorical Imperative and Utilitarianism.

Both systems on their own have huge flaws (Kant’s intense desire to logically support outdated Christian morality in absolutes in order to reaffirm his dwindling faith led to the system being far too absolute to ever come up with the right conclusion in every scenario. Also the Utility Monster) but when combined they come up with a system that gets the right answer in most daily scenarios.

[Sidenote: I like the updated version of the Imperative which is “The most moral action is the one which produces the highest number of pleasurable choices for every other person”, but I can’t be bothered to search for flaws in it.]


really though since the universe is meaningless on its’ own morality is simply the action that ensures the preservation of the most life throughout society, but that’s not exactly going to cut it for most people


If we assume that there isn’t enough resources for all of humanity, then wouldn’t the most moral action be to not exist at all?

If there is enough resources for all humanity, then every person who is on this site and richer is effectively a criminal.

If the universe is meaningless on its own than there is no reason why preserving life is any different to not preserving life. All life ends.


I mean, the fact that we can exist and have experiences is meaningful, and I resent the ludicrous idea that you need some kind of magical fairy in order for anything to matter.



Meaningful, hm, yes