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I'm Alice. Ask me anything




p sure that was before her but it’s what you’re looking for


Short Fuse 2 comes to mind
Almost gamesolved and town snatched a loss from the jaws of victory


Icibalus’ Ninjas and Guns were a TvT clown-fiesta due to badly-done FPS that caused a d1 ML and only PR to out themselves d1, the fact that we had a shit-ton of people slanking or fluffing, and the fact that there were only a handful of players actually doing any reading at all.

OWFM was close with the random idiocy such as the town voting to give a scum-aligned suicide bomber use of their ultimate ability or two villagers fake claiming wolf in a neighborhood.


That was fun


Probably either Marl blowing everyone up in OWFM or orange getting Han Solo’ed in FEFM.


Hey you’re biased on that


Short Fuse 2 and Auction Mafia were just clusterfucks. Both games I found half or more of the scum team in the first day and the town STILL managed to lose.


I don’t think anything will ever beat FoL5 tbh


Brain theft is illegal in the US.

JK love this post


what happened with FoL5?



Love bombs here for you Alice!


Pretty sure I snatched it and protected my buddies <3

Mainly that turned into a game of patience


Short Fuse II

You weren’t in that one, or were you? :thinking:


Answer Math is always scumssss

Even when he is town. XD


You and I were scum? Or was that a different short fuse?


That was the third one


Lol I am old XD


Hi old XD, I’m Geyde



Hi! XD