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I'm Alice. Ask me anything


in short the second one is playing the game as evil king and the first one is explaining why I should go and you are comparing it to that without giving it any context


I’m actually going to find the quotes cause this is frustrating me



I iso’d me and nice and I can’t find a thing


In that game you said that you dont try to win game as your most important goal but being nice(being likeable) is


You did say that I am 100% sure




Also if I had the choice I would always win a game rather then be nice, find a game where I said that as town.


Then you said it somewhere else but I remember you did


I think you are thinking of me being afraid of pushing people who I think is scum because I’m afraid of them being town




I don’t remember saying that at all. It sounds like something I would say as evil though so if I said it anywhere it’s in a game where I was evil


Cause that statement is 100% false and something I would say to get town read


Im not Going to try to find it because rn i am on phone And Watching video at same time


But you did say that :eyes:


Every mod when they see how off topic we are image


Lets ban mods instead




Thread about asking alice a question
Looks at thread
Did firekitten brag about being nice?


@alice what’s the funniest moment on the forum in your opinion?


@Alice What has been the most monumentous town collapse in the history of your time on the site?