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Yep, I’m bored as hell today. Classes are soon ending and I’ll have nothing to do in between now and summer where I’ll be traveling, so yeah.

Fire away˜


are u a noob?


I’m a noob at being a noob, which makes me a pro.




If there’s one thing I’ve always been confused about, it has been relating to mafia.

First, how and where did you first start playing mafia/werewolf games? If there was a site you used to play on, what was it?

Second, how do you approach reading players? When you start the game as either alignment, what do you try to do out the gate?


What are those?


What are your thoughts on the Palestine-Israel conflict


I found an off-topic, where can I hand it over?


I started playing Mafia on Town of Salem a couple of years ago.

Mostly I try to find out six things.

The first one is their mindset. What exactly are they showing themselves to be?

Villagers are uninformed and unaware of themselves meanwhile wolves are informed and aware. If a player does seem to know too much information regarding the game, they could be wolves, and if they are way too conscious on how they are perceived they could be wolves as well. Say, if a player says a bunch of controversial shit in a match then odds are that’s a villager. A wolf would carefully modulate and filter themselves in the match to prevent attention from being drawn to them. Usually wolves post to make themselves look good, not to scum hunt.

The second one is motivation. What is a player trying to accomplish?

For example, see how I found Simon and Mercenary right out of the gate in Auction Mafia. There was no reason why a villager should have asked those questions as it’d be a waste for them to buy scum-aligned abilities. Aside from this, remember that wolves have different goals in mind than villagers. A wolf will ultimately have their own survival for their goal, while a villager will have wolf hunting for theirs. See if a player prioritizes survival or hunting in a game and then you can easily deduce their alignment if his goals are clear.

The third one is by meta. How are they playing and is it similar to their wolf or village game?

Basically, compare their play styles in different games and see if their play style in your current game matches closer to their wolf or village play-style. This is effectively how I scum-read Hjasik in Short Fuse II and SFoL38.

The fourth one is via a night kill analysis. Why exactly did that one player die?

If the wolves kill a player, look back to their ISO to see if it can lead to any important information. Was the killed player repeatedly going after a certain player? If so then the certain player could be a wolf. Was the kill completely non-sensical and doesn’t really seem like a good night kill? Then odds are that an inexperienced player was behind it. This is pretty much how I solved 6d6 as the night-kill on Solic pretty much pointed out that the two remaining wolves were the players that were not paying any attention in the game, or how I found Baz in SFoL39 as the bleed on Astand was pretty much pointless and he’d only do it for his hatred of neutrals, which I don’t blame him as I dislike most nets.

The fifth one is by analyzing their progression. Does their progression feel natural or does it feel artificial?

Wolves knowing who their buddies are will have a more crafted and artificial progression when it comes to their reads. If a player makes a 360 for no reason at all regarding their views, odds are that they are a wolf trying to twist their own words to advance their own agenda. A town player will have a more clearer and natural progression in their point of view as they will slowly obtain more information rather than having it starting all out. This is how I outed Solic in All-Star.

Finally, check the votes. VCAs should be your bread and butter here and the more earnest a player is at when it comes to voting a player that flips wolf the more likely it is that they are village.

Additionally, use the PoE to your advantage. Clear as many players as possible by seeing them engage in villager-y behavior and then lynch the remainder. This is pretty much how I operate the best in Mafia.

As village, I usually pay attention to see if I notice any case of a player being too informed or too concerned with survival in their earlier posts. Usually this allows you to get the ball going. As wolf, I do the same thing except I try to find villagers doing scummy shit and try to power wolf via pushing mislynches.


I see it as a case of grey and grey morality, tbh.

It’s idiotic how the left is painting Palestine as completely innocent when you have Hamas pulling the rocket shit and still having much of the population there supporting them.

Meanwhile the right is also wrong as Israel’s continuing of the settlements is only causing more resentment amongst the Palestinians and it’s being a roadblock to a peace agreement.

In short, it’s a complete shitshow as both sides want to take their cake and eat it too and so there is no middle ground available.




Over the past months, several sweeping changes have gone by. Especially in the moderation of this forum, and the playerbase.

As someone that has been here for significantly longer than I have, how would you describe each of the orignial members of the moderation team? Do you feel like the current moderation team is lacking in any way?

Additionally, what do you believe has changed for the worse in all respects to the community on the forums? What has changed for the better? (Not exclusively referring to forum games, but also off-topic and the people in general)

Finally, what was your last pfp from?



How many apples have you eaten?


thoughts on brexit?


is whater wet?





What’s the meaning of life?


Someone had to ask it


What’s your opinion on H.R. 1644 which was recently sent to the Senate for consideration?


Wait that one is just 42