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Illusionist Rework Please


If it was mental blur then it would just be a better drug though.

I like the idea, but wouldn’t fit on herbalist.


yes it would


Drug a player, making them dizzy and forgot that they needed to do something and they remember it the next night


When you make a good suggestion then realize drug could use this and you cri


@NuclearBurrito any ideas for mental blur or drug?





What are those ideas?


Balance > lore. I like the ability itself, but herbalist should focus around trickery.



that has nothing to do with balance you just said

In fact I’ll argue that had to do with lore


Thematics != lore. Each class should have a single theme that its abilities are focused around. Prevents it from being too confusing and helps future balancing. If every class was a JOAT then what would be the point of having class types?


The irony is I suggested an offensive type and herbalist is it but I get your point


Lol Herbalist should be social regardless. Both of its abilities are feedback manipulation, which is a social ability.


MindWarp does need need to be reverted imo.

But Illusionist doesn’t need a complete rework, just mental Blur change

Like I said many times Mental blur feels like a ability out of beta that somehow still got into the final version of the game.