Ignore this thread pls, ty

Ignore this thread

I will never have anywhere near the WiM or time necessary to make a sequel in this series happen (also if geyde says that this setup format is unsalvageable, im partial to believe him on that)

Hopefully the first one was enjoyed by ppl; co-designing and co-hosting that was my dream for the longest time, and it got to happen, so yay


of course, interesting maneuver
I won’t be able to help out with cohosting but I’m interested given interest in the lore

If you give me characters and generic abilities then I can help you
But you’ll need to specify things such as what level of power things should have

I like the flavor, but idk if I got the heart to do like 3 more setups on fire emblem alone. I got other plans for mashes, plus saying no to FE16 mash is sad. As it has the most potential for multiball