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Idea for a Neutral Killing rework (Work in progress, I accidenently posted it early oops)


I’ve been playing a lot recently and have noticed just how hard it is to win with neutral killing, although they are probably the most fun classes to play around. And what has been the dev’s been doing ever since their last buff in the neutral patch? Nerfing them! (-1 jump, icy touch rip, etc.). I think neutral killing deserve more love and could have some new gameplay mechanics and maybe some utility buffs (occupation, bleed, reading whispers).

The Reaper

Neutral Killer

Passive (Soul eater) - Gain a soul with every successful kill. If you are attacked at night you will lose a soul to keep on living. You may also use souls for Reanimate.

Passive (The First of Many) - Start the game with one soul.

Day Ability (Reanimate) - Choose from 4 soul types: The Angry Soul (Next reap bypasses death immunity), The Hasty Soul (Next reap will kill the same night), The Bloodthirsty Soul (Bleed a player immediately), and the Frozen Soul (Chill a player, making them not be able to talk, vote, or use day abilities for 25 seconds). All Abilities take up 2 souls. Each Ability may only be used once each, except for the Angry Soul, which may be used as many times as possible.

Night Ability (Reap) - Reap the soul of a living player, killing them and leaving an empty body for a day. The victim can not be healed. Unlimited uses.

Night Ability (Circle of Death) - Choose one player. All people visiting target player will die. You will get the souls for them. 1 use.

I feel like reaper is pretty easily the least fun NK. I think having the day ability and the circle of death night ability having a buff could up the fun factors a lot. I worry about this making it too OP since I pretty much only gave it buffs and no nerfs to compensate, so tell me if there’s any balancing things I should do to the reaper.

The Sorcerer

Neutral Killer

Passive (Perception) - If for any reason if you attack your target and they or someone else in some cases will not die, you will not attack your target. You will be given a message stating the exact reason the attack did not go through, including which class and what ability from that class stopped you, or if they were death immune, etc.

Passive (Mage Armor) - Immune to death and bleeding effects.

Day Ability (Tracker) - Plant a tracker to a player. While a tracker is on a player, you will be able to read their whispers. You may only have one tracker on one player at a time and can only switch it once every day. Unlimited Uses.

Day Ability (Passively Challenged) - Choose a player. All their passives will be negated the following night, except in some specific passives that should be obvious. 4 uses.

Night Ability (Magic Missile) - Kill a player. You may use this the same night you use Detonate. Unlimited Uses.

Night Ability (Detonate) - Kill the player your tracker is attached to, you will get the tracker back. You may use this the same night you use Magic Missile. Does not bypass death immunity. 2 uses.

Sorcerer is a weird case. Sorc has the lowest winrate of any Class. First of all, walking bomb in its current state is just no fun. It feels unfair to be killed by it to say the least. Also, sorc is over here with no utility, and I feel like an ability to be able to read whispers is a nice utility sorc can have. Also, I gave it an ability that strips passive so it can kill death-immune players but not have either of its night abilities kill death immune players directly like walking bomb does, which adds to the unfairness. I feel like this change would buff it (since it can kill twice in one night, read whispers, has more info with Perception than it did before, and strip whispers) and also removed the unfun of walking bomb.


I know what’s coming next.

Do not suggest an alt win con for a NK if you are thinking that.

It undermines the whole purpose of NK being a thing which is to balance the opposing factions

Buff them sure, don’t go a sorc route as that defeated the whole purpose of NK


Nope! I wouldn’t do that. As you might be able to tell with my current progress I’m simply making them stronger cause its fun. I’ve learned my lesson about alt win con NK’s.


if you weren’t then ignore the above post lol


I agree that Reaper needs chill back but I feel your suggestion is too complicated for the current simplification trend

I also agree Sorc could be given a “utility” as you call it but I don’t like whisper-reading, Poss already has that

How is magic bomb not fun or unfair? I know it feels unfair to neutrals but Sorc generally shouldn’t be bombing people who seem to be non-bd anyway