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Idea - ButterFly effect


When a player gets lynched (not killed) they’re erased from the Timeline, changing the future.
For example;
Pretend that, night 1, a doctor heals the JailKeeper, who jailed the Mafia Goon, and the Jailor was attacked by the Serial Killer. Therefore, no one dies because the doctor prevented the attack.
Then, the next day the doctor is lynched. This renders null everything the Doctor previously did. Including the Heal… so the Jailor also dies.
The Goon is shot the following night and the Serial Killer is lynched. This renders null both kills… so the Jailor is resurrected.

To make things easier;
Only lynchées will be erased from the timeline.
Lynchees cannot Be resurrected.
Roles and factions are not flipped on death unless lynched.
Evils can be resurrected.
No dead interaction. No dead chat.

I thought this was an interesting idea, because anything can change with a single lynch.

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@psychoneirik What is that timey wimey setup of yours?

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Day 1 mafia?

Its different from this though

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Sounds somewhat similar

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You mean this one right? [FM] Day one mafia - Town and The Exiled win!



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That’s cool. You doing this again soon?


Ive been planning to host this for some time but I always keep delaying it. I even updated a few classcards.


Sweet. I’ll play it If you do it. Cool concept!
it’s mine now hahahaha!


Oh right, the game where I got lynched three times



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I’ve got an idea for a Forum Match coming soon, where you can’t trust anyone, because you all have your own agenda. The best you can hope for is a Common Enemy.


But basically, is this a good idea?


That’s not forum mafia that’s FFA


oh nevermind carry on


I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the ButterFly Effect idea.


Oh awful idea


Ridiculously town sided


Not neccessarily. Mafia / evils can come back to life.



@NuclearBurrito can explain better