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Icibalus's not GI Turbo - 0/9-13

  • Game starts when we fill, or at 18:00 GMT, whichever comes first.
  • Days are 15 minutes. Twilight is 2 minutes. Nights are 5 minutes, unless I’m a failure and extend it.
  • If we get 9, we do Cop9. If we get 10, we do Vig10. If we get 13 we do Cop13. I’d reccomend you look up some stuff on MU about laying cop cover as that will likely be essential for the villa to win.
  • Good luck, I guess.
  1. Celeste


Even though this dosen’t have the madcap craziness of a GI turbo, I’d reccomend you all try it out for the sake of competetiveness.




i’d rather have a game that isn’t decided by the rand, wouldn’t you?


I like randomness


I wish I could in on this




at least it’s not assassins in the palace



Cant wait any longer