Ice Age [Interest Check]

Ice Age is inspired off a survival game called The Long Dark. It’s said that the Earth is overdue for an Ice Age.
Ice Age takes place in a world where the Ice Age began to set in in the early 1980’s. As global temperature’s fell, Agriculture and eco systems began to collapse, the world slowly descended into chaos as governments worked around the clock to prepare underground bunkers for long term survival.
By 2017, August 6th the average global temperature was -25 degrees, Agriculture, Services and Industry completely collapsed. Poor countries perished, while rich countries built huge underground networks to house some of the population.
Life above the surface was unsustainable and governments abandoned it all together to focus on those living underground, leaving those unfortunate enough to miss a spot in the underground network to perish.
2 months pass by and You, the player, live in a remote part of Canada, society above ground has collapsed and supplies are running low. Do you have what it takes to survive in the Canadian wilderness?

Players will have maintain their Condition and survive for as long as possible, the freezing environment is unforgiving and you will be punished for your mistakes. You will need to use everything you can find, creativity will be the key for survival. The way to win the game is undecided.
Core Mechanics:
Condition :heart: Condition represents the players overall health, whenever players injure themselves or suffer from afflictions the players condition will decrease, the player dies when overall condition reaches 0%. Condition can be recovered by treating afflictions and resting.
Calories :canned_food: The player must eat to maintain their calories, failure to do so will result in Starvation. Actions that require a lot of work will consume calories.
Hydration :potable_water: The player must keep hydrated, failure to do so will result in dehydration. Actions that require a lot of work will consume hydration.
Body Temperature :thermometer: The player must maintain body temperature, exposure to cold weather will decrease body temperature. Failure to maintain body temperature will cause the player to Freeze.
Freeze restricts certain actions.
Afflictions :hospital: Afflictions are either positive or negative and affect the player in many different ways. Things such as Starvation, Dehydration, Sickness, Fatigue all count as afflictions.

This will be a free choice survival Misc, other game mechanics will be explained if this catches enough interest.


Two questions

Is this RP host biased?
Is it more of a misc game than RP?

Looking at this as well.

This is extremely interesting provided it is not plagued with host bias.
This would work really well as rather a more board game style than RP style, going to be honest.
Zero clue how you’d RP this. (But I’m not good at it so hey)


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I heard people were boycotting this RP, Director.

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What does this mean?


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FTFY again

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Sorry for the confusion, it will be a misc, not a RP.

It will be a misc game, I edited the topic to avoid confusion, think of it as one of Magnus’s games.

Yeah I noticed, what the hell does an ice age and the Canadian wilderness have to do with the Chinese?

blizzard is a game company who is all to happy to suck china’s proverbal dick

How did I not notice that lol, I even knew about it.

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Due to boycotting the title of the game has been changed to Ice Age, now you can make jokes about the friendly family series of Ice Age that has far to many sequels.

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Ok but can i play as Ray Romano

If that’s what your name would be then sure! But you not being a mammoth.

I’m suing, I didn’t get offered anything

I know you don’t like being pinged, plus Kyo is in one of your games so I firgured it would be a good example.