I42 Danganronpa - Same site as the hunger games

Up to 48 people can join this because why not.

How many winners should we have:

  • One Winner
  • Two Winners
  • Three Winners
  • Four Winners
  • Five Winners
  • Six Winners
  • Haha I read winner as wiener

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If you want to in, go ahead and in, I’ll start it when I feel like it.

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OwO what’s this :thinking:

OwO what isn’t it.

Do I have to be active and do something if I join? :thinking:

Pick me

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you do nothing
you just allow me to put your name into something.

Put me in

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A simulator or some shenanigans

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basically a simulator.

Slide me in

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@fangersarg I assume you want to be added as you voted on the poll?

Just add everyone

I’m adding anyone who I know.

Add me
And also the Smash god PPMD who just returned and started streaming again after a 3 year hiatus.

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I already added you.

Whatever you do do not give me slot 51

48 is the max. Do not fear.

That number seems to be a bad omen for me.


And so. The game begins.