I made some new sorcerer lore (should probably mention I only spent 20 minutes on it)

I thought it would be funny to make the Priest (remember her) and the Sorcerer the same person,

A young woman lies in one of the many jail cells deep within the bowels of Castle Adiart. Today is the day she is to be executed. Framed for the murder of one of the King’s youngest daughters, all she has is a tattered and damaged holy book that a merciful paladin gave her. A godly woman, and former Priest. She finally decides to accept her fate, but before she gives into despair as the minutes before her death turn to seconds, she suddenly hears the voice of her God speaking directly in her mind as time stands still.

“The world is full of sin and needs to be cleansed, Adiart has become decadent and must be purged, heretics and murderers stalk the night, framing innocent warriors of the Faith, such as yourself. What is ugly must be destroyed to become beautiful, what has been created, must be purged and rebuilt. I need your help to rebuild and make Adiart beautifu.l”

The young woman disappeared, just before she was due to be executed, and she was never seen again.


A young trainee Maid returns to her quarters. It has been a week since the murder of the King, and his killer is still at large. In these trying times the Maid takes comfort in her faith. She opens a tattered dusty prayer book, she has many fond memories of this book, and during stressful times she likes to read a prayer before bed. But there is one chapter that she has never read, until she felt the time was right. She feels the warm embrace of God. And now knows that tomorrow, Adiart shall be purged, and will become beautiful again.