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I’m MathBlade. Ask me anything forum appropriate


Figured I should be all friendly and shiz.


Fastest record of gamesolving a game that wasn’t turbo?


Game solving and/or game solving and not being distracted off of it?

Face to face would be fastest at like 5 minutes.

Forum a scum by post ten.

A game would be maybe a twenty minutes reading.

Swingy as fuck though. Had some games where I get 4000 posts without voting scums :frowning:


How much math and how many blade


What’s your win ratio


Ms as scum 75% town 25%
MU almost 100% lost one game as scum I think
Here dunno #lazy
Face to face 60% (I think this is gut)


These are all approximates


Blade cuts through ignorance and Math is the how so 100% of both


Could you give us a short recap of your life?
Also, is a hotdog a sandwich?


Analyse the items below and check the ones which are true:
I. If 2 < 3 < 5, then √2 < √3 < √5
II. √2 < (10)√2^5
III. (9)√64 < 2^(2/3)
IV. (5)√125 = (10)√1000


will you take me to prom


this is totally not homework btw


im a good boy so i finished my math before asking math a question :angel:

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I wish I could ask my math homework a question every day

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I finished all my biology ;w;


Do it cat and I see if I can help


<---- Still has essay to write that is due by 12pm dansgame


Can you stop being the devil for one SECOND


What is the essay about


log(6) x = -2