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I Hope I Don't Get Banned


Hi, just wanted to say I lost connection to 3 games today because of my own internet problems, I’ve stopped playing now of course but I hope I don’t get banned for it. Also yesterday I was Prince (the one mentioned in the more severe punishment for trolls please thread where a gamethrower made me execute him (he was BD) and so I left the game to join another one where I was Ritualist with AFK Cult Leader, I told everyone we were both Cult and he was AFK, then I left. I shouldn’t have done that, now that I think about it, since it made the game even worse for the remaining players. So I’m sorry and won’t do it again and I hope I don’t get banned for that either.


What is your in game name? You are probably safe as far as being banned, but I’d have to look at what happened to be sure. My advice would be to not do that sort of thing again, leaving, outing yourself, should have claimed a bd class and said you checked them. As to the connection problems, I wouldn’t worry too much, disconnects and network troubles happen. Thank you for your honesty in all this. I’ll need in game name to look at details, but for the most part, as long as you are more careful in the future you should be okay.


Thank you! I like your advice. My name is Shrimp2.


Well, you don’t appear to have been reported for any of that, only thing on your record was naming yourself Heil Hitler, which I’d suggest not repeating as well. In any case, that was already dealt with so I’ll assume you’ve learned your lesson on that. I’d say so long as you don’t do any of this sort of stuff again you are probably fine. So be more careful and mindful of your actions and their impact on others.