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I hate the word try-hard


he may be lying


screw off








I don’t know tbh


See hes lying




Goddamit. Post something and then no one post for a second




Test 2


I did it!

Anyways… try hard… bad term


Tryhard is bad word because too general

Use toxic instead


Also because it’s meaning when used discourages proper play.

Honestly calling someone toxic for using the most effective strategy possible is also kinda infuriating. When something is OP blame the devs not the players.


What word do we use then when killers play meta and unnecessarily tunnel


So who called you a try hard to activate this rage




No one. Someone ELSE was called a try hard in a thread I was reading after the fact


Only if someone is actually affected by it :slight_smile:

Once upon a time there was a very smart child in a very average IQ town in rural america. The kid didn’t have a lot of friends, because they were so smart it was hard for other kids to relate. The kid finally figured out that if they played dumb, they’d be a lot more likeable.

F*ck that noise.

Try hard, fk haters, get money

It only impacts someone if they actually are affected by the slam. When people in games throw names at me I couldn’t care less. My win rate and MVP votes say a lot more about my skillz than a sore loser.

^ ^ ^ same goes for everyone

Really the same goes for any bullshit gaslighting. “Calm down; you’re toxic; you autismo; you try-hard,” etc. Roll your eyes, check a box on the Narcissism checklist for random ol’ dude, and carry on dick thumping your way to Legendary status

  • my 2 cents


Yeah. I hate it when people use the word try hard. But I love it when people use the word cheater.