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I hate the word try-hard


Or more specifically how it is used as an insult. I mean what do you want them to do? Hold back and gamethrow? Aren’t you supped to try your hardest?


There’s a story w/ this


I just keep seeing the word used like that on other forums


I mean when you think about it. Try-hard should be a compliment


Which ones


Dead by daylight forums just now. Not the only place but that’s what made me think about it


It’s so broad a term I can see it used in at least twenty different valid contexts


Basically this lol

“Try hard”

Thank you for telling me I’m playing towards my win condition


I hate broad terms


Tryhard literally just means a player who tries hard.


Meaning a player who is trying to win


The quote thing happens when you quote the post directly above yours




Sure about that @Geyde


shit nvm he is




He may be lying




ffs let’s try that again

He may be lying