I ask for decency

Dear all,

I have been informed by someone, which name I will not mention, that my good name is being dragged through the dirt by some people (mostly 1 community led by 1 person). Since I have been banned from the discord server, I cannot defend myself there. For I am a very kind and honorable person, I will not make other accounts to join the discord server. Instead, I hereby ask to refrain from spreading lies about my behaviour and my actions. I have never spread any lies about people nor accused anyone of things they did not do. I simply ask to be treated the same.

Kind regards,


If there is any problem, you can resolve it by contacting a mod.

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SheevPalpative or something like that, the guy I fell with on the queue all the time? :smile:

I thank you for your reply, but I believe this can be resolved without troubling the staff. I simply ask to be left alone by those who feel this message is addressed to them. One of the members of the community I speak off surely has read this message. I’m sure this’ll be the end of it.

Are you sure? Not many people from discord is here, as far as I’m awarw

Yeah I have literally no idea what any of this is about :man_shrugging:


Me neither

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rip sheev