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I am sorry, to everyone I have hurt


Over the past few months, many has noticed that I have became very aggressive and swearing a lot, having a horrible attitude all around, many times where I took it too far, and was never warned for it. Which in my opinion needs to be more payed attention to. If people spoke out about it sooner, I would’ve just stopped. Because little to no one spoke out about it, I continued to get more and more aggressive, leading me to becoming more careless with how I spoke.

Recently I was told how a certain post effected someone at the time. I will and shall not quote the post here. I refuse to put any more attention to it. But, it made me think, do more people feel this way about me? Are people actually scared/against me? The post I made was an aggressive post to someone scumreading me in a certain game. After that, I’m starting to get “Town-Read” for existing. Now I’m wondering if that post, is the cause of that.

I’m honestly really afraid if I did actually hurt anyone. So please, if I did ever hurt you with any of my posts at any point in time, please leave a message below. Also I promise to not be so careless with my words from now on. I hate to make a post like this but it needed to be addressed and I needed to apologise to everyone I have hurt. I don’t know specifically who I have hurt and that makes it worse. I don’t even know who I have wronged on this forum.

I may, or may not, take a break from the forum while I re-coup myself. It is currently unknown to me. I have a game that is planned to be post for signups currently and I don’t want to just drop that. But, if you ever see me being aggressive, swearing, or shouting at people. Please, warn me to stop, if no one speaks up about it, I probably would just start continuing again.

If you read this post fully, thank you.

TL;DR: I have been being too aggressive on the forums, I apologise and I ask you all to say if I have hurt you and to warn me if I ever become aggressive again.


You had become aggro in a game once iirc and I saw it as you being incredibly toxic as scum


you have repented, jezus forgive you


Yeh. I honestly don’t know what happened and why I suddenly started becoming toxic.

I assume it’s because of my personal life.


I pretty sure people have spoke out about this actually

I think…


FWIW I never noticed anything

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People never spoke out directly towards me though.


It’s scary that I think people did but I actually don’t know if anyone ever actually addressed you lmao


Also you don’t get town read for existing. You get town read for existing with pure tone.


“Pure tone” You mean my normal tone? My aggressive tone? My “swearing tone”.

That seems to be why I’m getting town-read these days.


explaining tone to someone is like explaining chess to a person who doesn’t even speak your language

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ur cool


I don’t really notice it, tbh.

But well, looking back some post, you seems to get ticked off a lot more than before.


no you’re being read as villlage because your village meta is hillariously obvious

Other than that, I apologise for being an asshole.


@JamesCharles Take notes Sweetie this is an actual apology.


Please teach me the meta


it’s very simple:
If wazza is a villager, you will KNOW. Everything, from their tone to their actions to their analysis just screams “villager”

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if you want you can read this as “if he exists he’s village” but to be frank I don’t actually have to explain why the read works considering that I’ve never been wrong on a Wazza read and in general my reads are pretty close to consensus

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Oh really :thinking:


Well, he’s never been wrong since my change.