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Hunter (Rework)


Wait you changed mark


Yeah it’s a day ability that kills harmful effects.


I don’t think you realize how OP your class it and I don’t think I’ll be able to convince you or even show you what’s wrong with this class.



Knight is OP.

Convince me then

The current problem with hunter is hunters mark being a weird UP ability, also bear guard shouldn’t have so much uses.

I like Hunter not being unique but there needs to be changes to the current Hunter.


Bear is what makes the Hunter, Hunter


It still has bear. A non unique class shouldn’t have three uses of it.


reducing bear reduces the Hunter’s identity and makes him more like a class who happens to have self defense rather than a class based around it


Not really reducing something by one use makes it a more balance class.

OG hunter had two bear Guards.


OG hunter had 0 bear guards and wasn’t very good


Knight is somehow overpowered but at the same time due to not being trusted they are balanced.

It’s a weird statement that doesn’t make a lot of sense however if people didn’t Insta execute knight it would probably be shown to be a LOT more powerful tbh. It’s weird I don’t know how to actually explain it well

Honestly your rework just seems to be wanting to give hunter more kill power at low risk which I don’t really like. The way I would solve this is to make the second night Ability kill a person bypassing immunity, however if you kill a BD all your abilties are disabled. That way you don’t use it randomly, as well gives more use to it IMO.

the mark should probably be reduced to 2 uses and I still think this class would be OP


Thing is it can still hurt good people like prince, butler, drunk ect.
It’s just a little less risky then the current mark.


Prince doesn’t visit right?


also get eevee game to 30 players


Yeah but execute counts as harming that player.


I think you should reword the ability as it sounds like the person has to visit