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Hunter (Rework)


Hunter Blue Dragon Killing
Day Ability(1): Wolf Send a wolf to bleed out a player, takes two days (2 Uses)
Day Ability(2): Hunters mark, Select two players if the first visits the second, Attempting harm. you will kill and occupy them (3 Uses)
Night Ability(1): Bear Guard, Use your bear to protect you from attacks and conversion you will kill attackers (2 Uses)
Night Ability(2): Arrow Shot, Select a player if they attempt to harm a player you will occupy them and kill them, Bypasses Night Immunity. (1 Use)

Harm: Killing, Occupation, Redirection, Framing, Mind warping, Time snatching, Drugging, Defiling/Disguising.

Effects on Nks
Sorcrer’s passive will prevent them from attacking if the hunter has them as a mark or arrow shot.
Reaper will lose a soul only dying if they have none
Possessor’s puppet string will count as the attacker, puppet strings is not considered a harmful visit, but poss jumps will be shot.


why though.


why… hunter is good


There is like zero reason to actually buff him tbh.


How is it good

A non unique class with three uses of a ability that prevents converts and attacks is good???


With a wolf Ability

And an another night Ability that can kill


You gave him more kill power; by doing so you only help BDs already high win rates


Yeah but bear Guard with three uses is bad, Knight currently is a lot better.


Did you forgot all the other abilties hunter has or are you purposely ignoring them to make your argument better


What bleed that will get healed

or the current hunters mark which is a UP version of CS.


If healers heal a bad guy who you bled then they deserved to lose.

As well this “weaker CS” is also guiltless


Don’t underestimate hunter


A very UP Cs that uses up all of it’s abilities

Guitless or not it’s still UP


no it isn’t lol


Knight kills two BD if they CS someone wrong.

This hunter can delay kill someone with no punishments and as well can predict who someone visits.

As well, it can also team up with a drunk.


It is it’s a killer with 2 Really UP abilites. Bleed makes sense because it is day

Hunters mark is a horrible ability right now that needs reworking.

Bear Guard is so over powered a non unique class should have three self protects that defend it from not just attacks but conversions that also kill the attacker




Two uses reduced it your point being?


my point is how you complained about hunter mark being UP then added it and then you complain about bear being overpowered when in reality you giving it two uses doesn’t actually change it at all


Yes it does
It makes it a lot more limited.