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HTM is missing!


/whisper orangeandblack5 I am the mastermind no exe plz


Also Moleland’s the moderator so that proves nothing Orange


Damnit meant to post in cult chat ree


/w1 merc


Huzza! Success!!!


Some people thought you were dead and other people thought you became cripplingly addicted to Slay the Spire


why not both


It’s been a long and hard fought journey, we searched through caves with dragons in them, we fought in wars with nukes in them (nukes by nuclear burrito mind you) and at last we gave up and he came back to us found him!


hysterically cries about meme never coming back


@htm where’d you go m8


I’ve changed the title, there’s a new mission


This is sad


Take a shot each time somebody say “Mission” - Connor


Hjasik has gone missing too btw


does it count if i went missing but i’m back now


Also Joker is missing aswell.


Batman is also missing


too late

she’s gone


This is sad Alexa play Liberte Egalite Fraternitie