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HTM is missing!


Serious problem, Marcus has been on discord but he’s been missing on the forums, we have to find a way to find him.


We need to get him back here


If he’s been on Discord what’s the issue


He hasn’t been answering anyone


it’s like he’s a ghost


@Marcus_Doodalee help us on our quest please


I would start to get worried in probs a couple more days.

But, it feels unsettling tbh.


It is weird that he had disappeared without telling anyone. :worried:


Didn’t see him post in discord too.


Thats the unsettling part tbh.


Anyone saw him online in discord these few days?


creepypasta mode: on

In 2014 I had a girl suddenly disappear in a forum I used, I remember clearly the date because we had a project together where she sent me daily relatories

She still haven’t returned.


Sounds fun


Tell me more


First day: nah she must be afk or something
First two weeks: should be travelling
First three months: we had a gal from here who only returned 6 months later because her mom prohibited her from using internet, maybe it is it
2016: ok now I lost all hope.

The worst thing was that while I thought she was dead or something for quite a time her best friend was still waiting for her. Hurt me to see.

Honestly miss her though


actually she left on 2016
and I lost all hope on 2017


It’s like NightX all over again.


Where is Marcus :frowning:


we need to ping him on discord and spam his inbox


i saw him playing Slay the Spire earlier today

Hes legit ignoring the forums rn