How would you like support to be handled?

Mostly curious about this: Do you want to see a public forum that everyone can see to serve as a “searchable knowledge-base” of answers, in the future?

The advantage to this is that community members can help you as fast as possible and may even be able to find answers to your own questions before posting.

Or would you rather want to see a “ticket system”, more private, with the ability to email your issue (rather than post it here)?

The disadvantage to this is that there are fewer staff members than community members, and may answer slower. However, every reply would be most definitely be answered by a staff member.

Or perhaps a hybrid solution – start here, then if needs escalation (or private matter, such as billing), you could email support?

Let us know your thoughts ~


A hybrid system sounds the best. Set up a support e-mail, but also keep this forum around (or make a new subforum) specifically for asking questions and getting answers.


Yes exactly. Sometimes people need a Little one on One support, but other times just a FAQ or Post relating to the issue would help.


Live chat system - would be best.
This way, you gain the following advantages

  • Easy Communication
  • Better to disclose files, so you don’t have to scatter them across the forums
  • All chats can be logged and sent via email, instead of having 1,000,000 Posts regarding Bans/or other private matters open to public
  • Certain people can be active for support chats during different timezones, Requirement (English) atleast 18 years of age.

The problem is that takes a lot of money and/or time

If you want a live chat seek a Moderator on Discord

I don’t see how it takes alot of money to setup a live-chat; i’d be able to fund it myself and participate in assisting it, 12 hours aday :smile: but then again, that’s not quite my job to do so.
Anyway, I could actually fund this. if it was requested
Put it this way
A live chat server / could be hosted on a sql database, that has connection to their website database ; a few edits and it should be implemented. Just some php/sql/http coding and a few .js scripts

Right but staffing it is the real issue

Small indie game doesn’t exactly have a ton of staff

  • [Guides] 29
  • [Moderators] we have 8
    Thoose could be implemented to assist via live chat,
    (that’s 37 people at different time zones being able to assist)

If they need more, more will be added

  • [Guides] - could deal with a certain subject, say. you want a live chat for “Support”
  • [Moderators] “Ban appeal” “Bug reports” ?

Still not entirely sure what CGs are, but 40 people probably isn’t enough to guarantee 24-hour coverage, especially if multiple people are seeking support at the same time.

Hmm, well. if they need guides/moderators or (Live-Chat) They’d probably assign a few trusted members of the discord community for this matter. I don’t see how this will be an issue really.

Because the central conceit of a live chat is that it always works.

Well, i must say that is true.

That’s one of the main reasons we have a discord server :stuck_out_tongue: It’s pretty much the same.

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