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How to teach a brother to play social deduction games?


If you want him to play tos, I advise watching twopercentskimm( as he does teach tos quiet well and first got me in social deduction.And just some basic guidies on youtube can make all the difference


Or Wahooz

before he quit


I don’t lmao


That doesn’t exist to my knowledge


Terms of service? Ever heard of it?


It’s got a really long tutorial and i can’t find the game out of it


That’s not free-to-play though

So I don’t think that fits




Pipetron’s probably the highest rated TOS youtuber, but he’s been a bit inconsistent with uploads, the quality is consistent.



I’ve already looked at his channel. I’ve had worse, at least he uploads once a week

Miss Medi was the thing that actually kept me wanting to play social deduction :sob:

Wahooz too, skimm got boring though.



shadowbeatz :thinking:


Oh boy, not the cheating jailor