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How to teach a brother to play social deduction games?


Naw we don’t FTC so it’s fine


i might try and run a the resistance game on the forums actually

but yeah it’s one of the best social deduction games out there, and it gives a chance to introduce them to the genre without them dying early and having to sit the rest of the game out


Ooh ooh secret hitler :smiley:


Secret Hitler is good too

also One Night Ultimate Werewolf


and Spyfall that’s a good one


I always think of NBurrito when someone mentions ONUW for some reason :wink:


Spyfall is pretty good


suffice it to say there’s a lot of good options

i’m tempted to say you can’t really go wrong with social deduction games

so long as you introduce core concepts first rather than throwing them in at the deep end


social deduction as a genre is really varied so it’s hard to define what an objectively bad social deduction game would look like


An objectively bad one, would be one free to play, and well advertised (drawing in lots of trolling and no way to remove them), give it a really narrow role list, and make 80% of the roles confirmable. that would be objectively bad.


that’s not the same thing

because the base of the game would still be mafia or bang or resistance or whatever


then put PC and mobile players in the same lobby


I think Vandalay gave the best advice, just watch YouTube videos of players who explain their thought process while they play

I recommend SmoothTV





wonder what this reminds me of


Mindnight? /s


SC2 Mafia?



A Heist gone Wrong?

another /s


Camp Cadaver?



Epic Mafia?