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How to teach a brother to play social deduction games?


Non-killing neutral…

I’d rather not thanks

Bad memories


My first game I kept yelling out about a list that people are proven and how who’s likely to be what


We need a memory chart now


What’s a memory chart

no clue

let’s make it happen


How I learned to play social deduction games is to thrust myself straight forward into a thorn pit that is a new game. I take in all of the knowledge and then try to indue the pain that is a the thorn pit.

But seriously the best way to learn a social deduction game, in this day and age, is probably just play the game. To a new player what you need to know is the concept of “Trust no one”. You must always ask the question, “why is this occurring and can I influence this debate with my information” “do I support what is going on, or do I disagree with it” whitest If you are evil need to mimick how other people would react in situations like this. You need to make people trust you so that no one will doubt you.


Actual IRL Werewolf is the easiest way to teach social deduction to people


or The Resistance


What’s that never heard of it


The Resistance?

It’s a social deduction game it’s really good you should look it up


Standard setup Ive seen in live mafia games is a sheriff, a doctor, and sometimes with a 1 shot vigi and a one shot loveriser (for them ships)

Recreational mafia ofc, not competetive


Also a good test I’ve come across about getting people to think more about FM style of thinking

TOL, two people die n1 with different deathnotes, one is a paladin, and someone d2 says “looks like the n1 erad.”
What can you infer about this person’s alignment?


They are cult trying to make everyone think they aren’t
or they aren’t cult, I believe people wouldn’t be smarty enough to fake not being cult lol


I can infer that they’re dumb


you passed




Next level play signalling that he was attacked N1 and need protection because he is a PR.


holy crap, i wake up and see big changes. Think this is a good time to introduce him or should I wait a little bit?


Make sure YOU understand the game still first


never play with both doc and cop without serious counters


What about silly counters?