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How to teach a brother to play social deduction games?


By playing IRL mafia, like the party game

or Vanilla ToS is admittedly a good place to start, it’s where I started and where I continued from



Erm, doii to me then.


I never played IRL mafia but once or twice I think a long time ago? I have a faint memory of it


Also tbh getting Scum in my first game actually turned out to be really helpful cause it gave me a safer medium to learn what to do and what not to do

(Maybe it was because I was paired up with FK and Solic, but still.)


I-I was paired with FK and Marg on my first game…


And how did that go


I slanked to death sorry father I have sinned




Alice: I don’t think Blue could fake a greencheck as first time scum
Me: heh heh heh…


Yes I wanted a reason to use this Image


Tho yeah

TOS is the starting point to getting gud


I mean to be fair, it wasn’t fake. The person I checked was town. :wink:


what if

We complied a list of scum tells for people to use in TOL so they get good.

Like you know what some people say when they are evil like

“KING EVIL” or something

I bet it would increase winrates


@Planterror have him join an FM game

But have it be a Newbie FM game on the ToS forums

Pretty good resource for players looking to learn imo



If we actually make a great guide for people to use


my first game i randed vt and did nothing
my second game i randed neighbour/occupier and did nothing
my third game I randed occupier and did nothing

and now, on my 30th game, i now rand wolf and get lynched Day 2 because of some stupid mistake
look how far i’ve come


You remember “never trust a D1 Alch claim”?

Well, substitute Alch for Merc. I was in a game of ToL recently that had 4 Merc claims: One Sorc, one MM, one Sellsword, and one actual Merc, who ended up not winning.


I mean

At least now you do stuff


I remember being court wizard three times in a row


Just roll Non-Killing Neutral in first game. At least it may prevent from getting mislynched. :wink: