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How to teach a brother to play social deduction games?


Hey everyone, so currently I have a brother that doesn’t think he can play these games because they’re confusing for him. How can i teach him what i need to teach him to get started?

if this is in the wrong place sorry


Teach him Town of Salem first


I tried, there’s not really a tutorial on that game.

When he was plaguebearer, someone attacked him. He proceeded to say “X attacked me”


It depends if your brother is patient or not.

For starters, the best way to introduce to Social Deduction Games is showing them basics. In other words playing original Mafia may be a good first step.


On Classic mode first.
Of the vanilla game.


Make sure he keeps a will

My brothers never did, especially when they got spy

Just pray they get town roles
Not mafia, or even worse, NK


I’ll try, he’s not patient at all though.


Chants FM


does that have anything to do with this topic?



Fm helps


He’ll be my successor to Village Idiot title.

PS mods if you’re here give me that title to display i would really appreciate it


IMO FM has significantly higher learning curve than the game itself, and gets far more screwed up by unprepared amatuers learning the game. Least when I tried I felt like I should have played a few thousand more hours of ToL and spent a few weeks reading the history of past FM games. I was completely lost, was a huge detriment to my team and nearly got blacklisted.

To me trying Forum Mafia to prepare for the game itself sounds like Driving through a category 6 hurricane to learn how to drive in rain.

Now to the actual topic of learning to play. Honestly the best way to learn is to watch someone play that explains what they are doing and why. Encourage him to shadow you, while you explain the train of thought for every conscious decision you make, or show him some mr smoothtv videos on youtube.



However if you are good in fm you will probably be really good in game


Don’t throw a total newbie in FM. They will get lost and just sheep.


that’s ridiculous tho

you are a newbie if you never tried it before

However you are saying that new people shouldn’t play the game


sheeping is a skill that should be employed when neccecary :^)


A total.
Bring to FM those who are familiar with the concept of Mafia.


was it a pun with my nickname because I loved it



how do they get into mafia then



and yes I know how

I’m pointing the irony out