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How to Get Dama to Write for You


I agree


Where should the story be set?
In and around a white van.
From whose point of view should the story be and from what point of view? (first person, third person)
Third person, a kidnapper names DJ.
Who’s the main character? Describe him as best as you can. Name, personality, a picture of him, and maybe a quote of how he usually speaks.
The main character is DJ, and he lures people into his white van with candy and WiFi. He was put into jail before, but he escaped and is on the loose, trying to get people into his van so he can ship them to Sri Lanka.
What situation do you want to put him in? It can be an accident, an event, or something simple like his morning routine.
Whatever you want bro.
What tone do you want for the story? Comedic? Serious? Angsty? Cringey? Describe it.
Dark, but slightly comedic as the plot is.

(this is based off a guy in me and cheesy’s class at school)




In a room in a large facility, where the rooms are pure white, and its space is vast.

Third person.

A blind man. He is known to not show his emotions,usually. He has shoulder length hair and a quite large figure. His clothes are tattered and torn, in contrast to his polished and refined environment.

He is one man. Against one hundred enemies. Some short, some tall. Some fast, some strong. One weapon. And one enemy that stands out from the rest… and their voice… changes the blind man’s emotion.

Serious :smiley:

Hopefully this wasn’t too wierd monkaS


what is the weapon


A park. It is late at night, and the lights aren’t too bright. The skies are cloudy and it’s cold, cold enough to shiver. There is a small breeze running through the park as well…

It must be from the girl’s side of the story. And it must be written in 3rd person. Capturing of the girl’s emotions is of utmost importance… :3

Name: Shanna Lake
Gender: Female (Age 19)
Appearance: She is a teenage lady, a beautiful school councillor with excellent grades. She’s admired by many and is a model for the school magazine… Her height is 1m64 and her weight is about 46 kg. She sports light brown hair, long and slightly curly. Her cup size is A…
Personality: She’s extremely good at taking care of others, but she hides that part of herself, believing it to be too plain to show to others… She takes great emphasis on her exterior appearance to others who don’t know her true personality. She’s direct and curt, straight to the point… She is helpful, hardworking… She’s also sadistic and violent, not to mention masochistic… She enjoys her moments with her boyfriend…

“You know Luke…? He’s terrible at lying… I just feel bad for him when he’s trying so hard…”
“I don’t understand my boyfriend. He’s terrible at making braids… but he keeps wanting to do them for me… and I for some reason… just like it. His buns are better… really.”
“I smell Genny on you… What do you mean how do you know? Never underestimate a woman’s sense of smell…”
“You dummy. Dummy!” [Runs away smiling] (In response to “You’re Cute”)

Continued on next post…


Name: Luke Hasher
Gender: Male (Age 19)
Appearance: He’s a teenager, of height 1m 74, Weight 52 kg. He’s skinny, sports jet black hair. He doesn’t look too studious, his hair is a tad bit spiky, making girls swoon about him. However, he hides a tattoo that is inked on his shoulder down his left back, of a dragon.
Personality: He’s gentle, honest and thoughtful. He can be seen as one of the rare people who actually thinks before he says something. He is TERRIBLE at lying; his eyes get all shifty, he sweats profusely. But if it’s his thoughtfulness in play, his lying works… However, he is hardworking to a fault indeed. He is extremely skilled at making desserts, as his family runs a dessert shop. He enjoys his time with his girlfriend. He also complies with whatever weird requests Shanna has to make… even if he doesn’t enjoy it… And about his grades. Shanna is very disappointed with them… Need I say more?

“It’s like Shanna is a god who can see through my every lie…” (“No. It’s just that you suck at lying, thats all.” Insert extreme shocked face here)
“I… don’t know what you mean…” (In response to Shanna’s question of where her pen went when her friend took it for a prank.)
“Hey, it looks like my worksheet was in my bag after all. I got an extra. Here. What? I’m giving you this as its an extra. That’s all.” (When he realised Shanna had her worksheet all torn because she was frustrated the previous day. He went to request a new worksheet from the teacher… She’s prideful after all…)
“She smiles when I hit her, she loves watching gory movies… I don’t understand her… She loves me braiding her hair… even when I suck at them. There’s so much more I don’t know…”
“I don’t ever want to do that again…” (After hitting Shanna at her request. “Be more violent…” She sulked.)
“You’re cute.” (When Shanna was part of a cheerleading squad and in her cheerleading costume. “How do I look?”)

It’s been 5 days since they last met. Luke has returned from his family trip and is getting ready to go to Shanna’s home, but his phone battery died…(He didnt bring a charger you see) Shanna has waited 5 days without reply from Luke… This park is a park between the two houses… Their first meeting after the trip…

Light. Slightly Comedic. I want LOTSA LOTSA SUGAR :smiley:

“I never thought… 5 days… could feel this long.” Shanna’s thoughts.


Done! Hah…


I have purged the shitposts


I want a sequel to the despacito story i gotta know where it’s heading


In place of birth where the most known religions were created: Jerusalem. Inside of Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher and there is only 2 people on action site.

Third Person for sure.

Name: James McGremory
Gender: Male (Age 27)
Occupation: Historian and Relic Collector.He gained funds thanks to skilfully conducted shares on the stock exchange.
Appearance: Young looking gentleman. Height 1m 85, Weight 54 kg. He has mustache and short- cutted beard. Despire that he comes from Scotland, He looks like a person from Victorian Age, wearing tall top hat, jacket with bow tie and polished grace.
Personality: He has the qualities of every self-respecting gentlemen: respecting lades, polite, patient, sociable and conscientious. Sometimes he doesn’t tolerate opposition and he is often stubborn in his views.

An normal conversation while something unexpected happened at the time.

Unrealistic and little serious. But i don’t mind if you involve something else.


On the street of Los Angeles

From Des Pacito’s pov 3rd person

Des Pacito,better despacito creator

Des Pacito lost all his money cuz sued and could not pay the rent. He needs to rise up and become famous again


@Hippolytus ^


What do you mean?
I just said “ok shu”.
tf is wrong with that?


How about this. Dama doesn’t need quickly write any stories right now. He will do it eventually which i believe no one would have objections.


This is 100% false statement. There is nothing such as “never” unless he stated he won’t do it anymore.


im just saying that its gonna take a while for dama to do this many stories, and more will just mean it’ll take longer.
you dont need to take it so seriously


lol what did i just read




literally any argument i have with anyone:
i say something
they get triggered
i say ‘chill’
we argue for a bit
then delet messages


uh ok