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How to create Synchronized clocks for all the time zones!


Click the gear button to access this menu. This button pulls up a menu to select a date and time on your time zone.

For example, I will set it to Tomorrow (Dec 3rd 2018 for those necromancing this) at 8am Edmonton.


When you click on the above, the first time and what is displayed is your time zone. The other time zones displayed are common time zones, like london or NY.

This could really help with syncing events.

PS: you can make it repeat too at the bottom.


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First known intellectual solves the puzzle of clocks, 2018

@Marluxion you’re welcome for this guide

although very late


tfw I posted basically this in cookie thread months ago

not to self: I should probably just make a how2forum thread sometime :^)


I learnt how to use it when I was testing every forum command so kek



plz no marl bullies me now you your so mean ;(

EDIT: well discobot does the user tutorial and that’s the closest thing we got to that.