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How to create Lore Suggestions


So in order to see how good your lore is, you have to ask yourself 5 questions. These are the 5 Questions to ask

1. Can anyone understand what you are saying?

So for example if you are talking about how the maid checks if 2 people are compatible, you could talk about how she, sees the actions of the two, makes them make a choice, dust’s their rooms to see if they could be shipped. You would not say “She does it with the flip of her wrist, uncovering the truth of wether the two people are compatible”. I mean you could say that if you provided enough of an exposition toward it.

also don’t be too vague

2. Unseen lore never gets accepted

Other then assassin, no one in the entirety of the unseen has lore for them. This is probably because the devs want the lore for the actual characters and not for their unseen counterparts, considering the fact that the game does not start with them.

3. Follow the Scaling

Scaling for lore goes like this

Small: Weapon, Armor, Place

Medium: Simplistic classes (I.E Killers, offensive, Investigators).

Long: Complex Classes (Support, Social, Special)

Extended: Faction Lore

4. Engaging

In order to write a good lore suggestion, you need to make your lore engaging to read. For example you could have a conflict that gets resolved, or build suspense throughout your lore, or provide a deep reason as to why your class is doing something. You need to entertain the reader.

5. Look at other examples.

In order to create good lore, you need to look at what other people have done, here I have a link to a few lore threads.

Cult by Brakuren
Reaper by Magna
Herbalist by Poisoned
Mercenary by Planterror

I am planning on creating a lore suggestion masterthread later.


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I don’t see how this is part of a “how to”


Unless you’re saying “don’t make unseen lore” but I don’t agree with that