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How many people would play this as a forum mafia game


Be interested to see town so dead set on lynching someone they seem scum and the scum partner gets to white knight him like crazy for free town credit lmao


It’s almost certainly not


At most one less cit


Isn’t (normally) 9 town balanced against 3 maf? Pretty sure it’s 3 town per maf. Where this is 6 town per maf.


nuke are you insane


10 v 3 with a cop is slightly town sided

9 v 3 without a cop?


Flipless as well?


Wtf nuke


I’m pretty sure 9 v 3 is closed to balanced. I’ma double check real quick as I haven’t checked in awhile


nuke 9 v 2 mountainous with flips is scum sided as hell


That would give town 2 mislynches


found it. Ignore me and read this:,_Part_1


Isn’t it funny even with 1 mafia va 24 town the number isn’t actually high as you expect


it’s vs 22


1000% due to scumteam


ok ok. I got my numbers when doing calculations for nightless.


Village not mislynching at all is incredibly rare. Extremely rare


Also Sanstown was broken open due to an admittedly lucky night action and wolves fucking up hard d2



I didn’t even play and the game was over


Also I didn’t have a training montage before Math’s flipless vanilla