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How many people would play this as a forum mafia game


FK. I’ll say this.

If you’re going to use this setup, use it elsewhere.

There’s something called catering to an audience, and your setup does not sufficiently cater to the audience that this forum provides.


Town wins apparently 13% upon rng lynch according to orange

Don’t discourage hosts please


poor mods


Over 100 games



I’m just saying, it’s only natural that a forum hosted by a company that created a rolemadness game would attract players that prefer rolemadness setups.

Which is why we frequently host GI turbos and the like, as well as why Psycho’s setups are known for being the most entertaining on the site.


blue I have a feeling this is your main point and it’s not the “town sided setup” you are having a problem with


I’m not going to get into a debate with you about this.

At least be grateful that I supplied an argument as to why I dislike the setup, rather than those that plonked a vote in the “no” column and left.


I’m happy that you did that, but it kind of just feels like you are saying it’s bad because of a different reason all together. I would have rather you said “I just don’t prefer this” because that’s honestly how I feel like you are viewing this right now, rather then this being a town sided setup or not


just realized that flipless does nothing towards rng lmao


Don’t get me wrong, I still think that it’s too townsided.

Like I said, cater to the audience. No offence but there are few people on this site that I would call great at FM, which is where orange’s statistics are based off of.


If we made it less town sided if newbies rolled town would get steamrolled


Wild idea

Give one mafia member a one-shot godfather effect for the next day


Or whatever the flip equivalent is


you mean disguiser?


If we did that I would probably make it not flipless, however it becomes flipless upon mortician death


Making it flipless upon mortician death is literally pointless though

You might as well not have a mortician


That was 100% due to the scum


I would make it so scum have to use it during the night time on one of themselves instead of the day, that mightwork


That’s what I was suggesting

It might not have been apparent in my wording cause I can’t words good