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How many people would play this as a forum mafia game


‘Member NSFM?

I ‘member.


what does that have to do with this


meant to reply to blue


9 players, flipless, easiest game of my life aside from Sanstown



I remember wanting to in that game so hard but I couldn’t cause I was behind in classes

Either that or I was still demoralized from Infection II

Don’t remember
Probably both


that had mechanics this is mountainous flipless

If you play this setup with decent players it will be a run for your money


overall flipless relies more on POE then association, which is why town has a hard time in it

I asked orange and he said this should be the amount of players


Oh, mountainous flipless? You mean like the one Math hosted where the scumteam was caught D1?


You mean the one where the scum was new players


you can’t seriously base your thoughts on flipless being easy based off players not performing well


So you’re saying we should run a setup that is specifically anti-new players?


Blue why are you so against my idea

I see what you are doing, but why?


there’s an alterior motive


also this one has nightkills making it even harder


Because you need the criticism. The idea deserves to be criticised, because it’s a lot more townsided than you realise


Hold on msging orange


When it comes down to it, Mafia need how many mislynches and how many kills to reach parity, providing they don’t ever lose a member?


Orange said to remind you 11 v 2 mountainous with flips is still a little scum sided


I find that hard to believe.


“So does everyone else, that’s why it’s often 10 v 2”

blue do the math of how many times mafia wins if the lynch is RNG’d