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How many people would play this as a forum mafia game


15 people
1-mortician-knows the targets alignment whenever they die
2 mafia goons
Flipless with night kills.

It seems town sided and that there’s way too many town but not really, flipless is A LOT harder for town and this is what orange suggested

  • Yes
  • No

0 voters


Why no @Meteoro


Reee @Mercenary @Priestess can y’all explain why


• Maybe


it’s a yes or a no

as in would you play it if you had the time or no


fk you should stop quoting the whole post above you, system does an auto delete on that



also mafia need 5 mislynches to win here which is good enough In flipless games


Well that confirms one theory then


Too many town.


I literally just said this is flipless

This is literally how you balance flipless


why does everyone hate competitive games here REEEE


That’s a weird response coming from someone in LMG MOUNTED AND LOADED range


Lightsin, you technically have priority since you inned as backup. Do you wish to play over Fk? (We might have other outs likely, but this is the more fair thing)




Can we also not closed canned threads so we can discuss what happened there


I’ve got school kicking my arse, so I’d love to, thank you for the offer, but I sadly can’t.


I’m closing it if a host requests it, so take it up with Wazza. :confused:


@WazzaAzza 1v1 me


Good luck with that!


Closing canned threads is what is good about this.

I don’t want players talking in a thread that I want closed.