How exactly can I talk to a ToL mod?

As you all may know, I am currently banned from the ToL server.

I have found people in the pre-game lobby that broke rules
I can’t report them.

I have found bugs in this game.
I cannot post logs here.
I haven’t gotten any response by anyone on the posts.
I currently cannot play ToL because I physically cannot get in.

I was banned for supposedly advertising my Twitch…
…While I was streaming ToL, putting it in the right place.

Either let me help your game, or don’t. But you have to realize that you can’t be this hard on your players. Your game is dying, XBlade. I know you have to enforce rules, but imaginary crimes and breaking invisible rules are what’s keeping me from helping you fix the Windows 7 game. I can’t nominate you for an award because I don’t know if It’s any good anymore.

Anyway, this has been my time. I’m pretty sire I’ll get grilled in the upcoming thread, but w/e

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… I mean, you’re talking to a ToL Judge right now, and you definitely can dm the mods too here…
if you want to appeal, public isn’t the right place for it
Btw the Win7 problem is fixed, we Win7 people can play again.

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If you can’t upload a file you could probably find a workaround, eg. a text sharing site. Or just pasting it in a spoiler.

If you’re on Windows 7, that should be fixed as of Nov. 14.
If you’re on Mac/Linux, I can try and get you a picture of the workarounds in discord if you’d like.

But as Mom Priestess said, there’s ToL Mods on this forums. If you don’t see them around, though, there’s a fair number of active guides and judges who could get you into contact with a Mod.

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I still can’t get in, even if it’s supposedly fixed.

  • In a game of 16 players, if the guy was truly reportable, rest assured that there will be 14 other players to report them.
  • You can take a screenshot and send us the imgur link at the end-of-game report
  • You can DM a Judge+ here where you have community privs. Priestess above already offered.

There are multiple ways to do this. However, I’m going to lock this since it’s public ban/appeal discussion.