How do Youtubers / Twitch Streamers affect the Throne of Lies game?

Recently, I saw that one of the youtubers I watch, Wahooz, a youtuber that posted social deduction game content, announced that he will no longer post this type of content. I wondered how does this affect the game itself, Throne of Lies. My first thought would be less publicity and advertising for the game.

Just wanted to ask if anyone has any thoughts of how this would affect the game.

Also I saw @Lightsin comment so I know he saw the video too.

@Marluxion is a mod give us the inside story please.

To be honest, I liked Wahooz’s ToL episodes.

Though, I could tell he was starting to get burned out of them.

I hope his decision is temporary, as he got me into social deduction gaming.

However, his other videos are good, so there’s still a reason to stick around.

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I think it might get less popularity, but probably no long term effects. Less people will probably come in, since not too much people play ToL as a channel

I think it kinda helps Throne Of Lies by advertising it to bigger public.

There few bigger twitch broathcasters who streamed ToL couple of times for example:

  • MoonMoon_OW - Former twitch streamer of Overwatch
  • Savjz - Streamer who mostly plays Hearthstone but he streamed ToL couple of times.

Right now, Social Deduction genre isn’t very popular so it might take a while to see actual numbers but I can say for sure playerbase grows when I first played ToL.